All our products are made of genuine and high quality processed natural stone!

Natural stone can not be selected and assessed like an industrially manufactured product. Color varieties in natural stone are natural and inevitable. According to DIN 18 332 Natursteinsteinarbeiten, para. 2.1.4, color, structure and texture variations within the same occurrence are expressly permitted. Each stone is carefully selected by hand. The stones are from controlled fair trade and are further processed by us.

water dispensers

The pipe lies in the interior of the granite palisade and is therefore not visible when set up.
Bottom connection is a 1/2 "pipe, matching fittings you get in the hardware store.
Pillar should be placed in a small concrete foundation to ensure stability.
Outlet valve 1/2 "
The pipe protrudes about 10 cm out of the column
To prevent frost damage to the water dispensers, the water line must be shut off before winter and the remaining water drained from the column.

exterior sockets

The sockets are suitable for outdoor use and splash-proof (IP 44).
The stone contains a conduit through which a cable can be inserted and connected directly to the socket.
The cable lies inside the stone and is not visible from any side when connected
We recommend having the sockets connected by a specialist!